Playing It Safe: Music CD


Lil’ Iguana music CD’s are great to listen to as a daily reminder to keep your children safe from harm. With upbeat tempos, and informative lyrics, the music CDs will keep your child entertained while educating them about important safety topics.

This CD includes songs “Good Friend,” “When You’re Alone,” “I’m Lost,” “I Want To Be Like Me,” and “Talk About It.” The songs emphasize the importance of knowing how to be a good friend to others, how to stay safe when you are alone, what to do if you get lost, being yourself and not giving into peer pressure, and knowing how to trust people and talk to adults.


Playing It Safe CD – Track List

  1. Lil’ Iguana Theme Song
  2. Good Friend
  3. When You’re Alone
  4. I’m Lost
  5. I Want To Be Like Me
  6. Talk About It
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