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At Lil' Iguana, we offer a diverse range of programs designed to empower and educate both adults and children on essential safety and well-being skills. Whether you're a parent, educator, or community member, we have something for everyone!

Comprehsive & Award-Winning

loved by kids, trusted by grown-ups

Lil’ Iguana’s award-winning, comprehensive programs are music-driven and feature play learning, interactive role playing, and repetition. Each program captivates its audience while teaching important safety and well-being lessons to empower safe, happy, heathy, and kind kiddos. These fun, upbeat programs are loved by kids and trusted by adults.

Programs for kids

engaging programs to educate kids ages 2-10+

Lil’ Iguana offers a comprehensive suite of programs designed to educate and empower kids on essential safety and well-being skills. 

In-person programming

for kids ages 2-10+

Lil' Iguana LIVE!

for ages 2-10

an exciting 45-minute stage show featuring the beloved character Lil’ Iguana and live actor educators. Through themed songs, skits, and demonstrations, children learn crucial safety messages in a fun and engaging way. This program is perfect for elementary school assemblies and community events.

In-Classroom Program

for ages 2-5

features the lovable character Lil’ Iguana, an instructor, and video aids. Children actively participate in Q&A sessions, singing, dancing, and interactive role-playing. This engaging interaction creates a comfortable environment where children can ask tough safety questions and receive important answers.

Field Trips & Classes

for ages 2-10+

Join us at the Lil' Iguana facility for engaging classes or weekly programs that empower children with essential safety and well-being skills.

Or register schedule a custom field trip for your classroom, homeschool group, scouts, or sports team.

Remote & virtual programming

for kids ages 2-10+


for ages 2-10+

Explore the benefits of music-driven learning in Lil' Iguana's programs, ideal for neurodivergent individuals and those with special learning abilities. Music enhances engagement, aids memory retention, and supports emotional regulation, fostering a positive and inclusive learning experience.

Digital Curriculum

for ages 2-10+

Gain access to Lil' Iguana's Safety UP! digital membership, featuring a comprehensive digital curriculum. Equip yourself with essential safety and well-being resources, including lesson plans, worksheets, and engaging activities designed for children's safety education.

On Demand Courses

for ages 4-10+

Explore Lil' Iguana's interactive courses for kids, offering engaging lessons on safety and well-being through interactive sessions, play-based learning, music, and digital games. Empower children with essential life skills in a fun and educational way!


for ages 2-8+

Dive into Lil' Iguana's Storytime Podcast for captivating tales that inspire safety and well-being. Join us for fun and educational stories that nurture young minds!

Empower Kids

for ages 4-10+

Explore Lil' Iguana's Empower Kids video series, where mindfulness and affirmations come alive with our SEL specialist. Join us for engaging sessions that promote social-emotional learning and positivity!

Homeschool Programs

for ages 3-10+

Explore Lil' Iguana's engaging virtual programming tailored for individual homeschoolers or pods. Our interactive sessions deliver important safety and well-being lessons through fun activities, music, and engaging discussions, ensuring a positive learning experience from the comfort of home.

Resources for Grown-Ups

help empower kids!

Discover a wealth of resources designed for grown-ups at Lil’ Iguana. Gain certifications, enroll in courses, access group support sessions, and receive personalized 1:1 instruction to bolster your knowledge of child safety and well-being. Our comprehensive offerings empower adults with the tools and expertise needed to nurture safe, happy, and healthy environments for children.

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