Boost Confidence and Kindness

Affirmations for Kids

encouraging mindfulness, compassion, & motivation with 4 unique categories

Nuture Mindfulness

empowering kids to set intentions & understand emotions

Lil’ Iguana’s Affirmation Cards help kids set positive intentions, understand their feelings, and cultivate confidence. With 52 cards featuring mindful messages, this deck is perfect for daily use and empowering kids to embrace their emotions and goals. Ideal for home, classrooms, and therapy settings.

Struggling with Ways to Encourage Mindfulness?

Discover Lil’ Iguana’s Positive Affirmation Cards designed to nurture mindfulness in children. These cards encourage confidence, resilience, and positivity, providing a tool for parents to foster emotional well-being and self-awareness in their kids. Use daily to inspire mindfulness and affirmations in a fun and engaging way!

Mindfulness taught at an early age helps children be cool and calm in a sometimes hectic world. It is important to learn the tools needed to think, encourage, empower, and relax.

empowering children with confidence & resilience

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