“Be Smart, Stay Safe” DVD & Music CD Kit


This money saving bundle includes:

  • “Be Smart, Stay Safe” DVD
  • 3 educational music CDs
  • The Guide for Grown-Ups on how to talk to kids about staying safe

The award winning, 22-minute DVD features music, character puppets, actors, and animation that delivers crucial safety messages including “Take A Buddy with You,” “Get Permission,” “Who is a Stranger,” and “Run, Run, Run, Yell, and Tell.”

The kit also includes three music CDs centered on the themes of “Playing It Safe,” “Who’s a Stranger,” and “Out & About”


Who’s a Stranger CD – Track List

  1. Lil’ Iguana Theme Song
  2. Permission Song
  3. The Harm Alarm
  4. Take a Buddy With Ya
  5. Who’s A Stranger
  6. Run, Run, Run, Yell & Tell


Playing It Safe CD – Track List

  1. Lil’ Iguana Theme Song
  2. Good Friend
  3. When You’re Alone
  4. I’m Lost
  5. I Want To Be Like Me
  6. Talk About It


Out & About – Track List

  1. Lil’ Iguana Theme Song
  2. Put On Your Safety Gear
  3. Buckle-Up Click Click
  4. Stop and Then Look Out
  5. Train Safety
  6. Out and About
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