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Lil' Iguana has built an amazing support community for YOU with exclusive access to safety & well-being resources and guides to protect, educate, and empower your kids!

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get access to a library of ready to use digital and printable content including worksheets, activities, journaling pages, posters, and more!

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join monthly support calls & get your questions answered. Can't make it? Submit your questions ahead of time and watch it on replay.

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use our friendly & supportive community to get the encouragement you need to raise safe & healthy children

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Do you want to raise safe, healthy, and happy kids, but don’t know where to start? Are you overwhelmed with searching and saving resources?  Do you have a plan to teach Stranger Danger, Road Safety, Harm Alarm, Compassion, Friendship, and all the other skills your child needs?

We understand you are busy & Lil’ Iguana is here to help with ready to use content that will take you from stressed and overwhelmed to excited to help empower your children!

Safety UP! with Lil’ Iguana is a membership for parents, educators, and community members who are looking for simple and ready to use steps to educate and empower children with the tools they need to have a safe, happy, and healthy childhood.

If you’re a parent, educator, or community member looking for fun and effective ways to teach children about safety and well-being, Safety UP! with Lil’ Iguana is for you! With access to a library of worksheets and resources and a supportive community, you’ll have everything you need to help children learn and grow!

Raising Safe & Healthy Kids is a supportive community of educators, parents, and community members who strive to raise all children with the tools they need to lead a safe, happy, and healthy childhood. Join other parents and educators on the journey to keep our kids emotionally & physically safe and healthy.

get exclusive access to a supportive community of parents, educators, and community members who are striving to create a community of safe & healthy kids!



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per household or classroom


What's Included?

Monthly Question & Support Calls with the Lil' Iguana team and fellow members. Videos are available on replay in the Facebook group.
Inspiration from Fellow Members in the Exclusive Facebook Group
Lesson Guides
Guided Journals
Lesson Worksheets
Recipes & Crafts
Write a Story
Digital Posters
Mood Trackers
Word Search Activities
Coloring Sheets
Maze Activties
Bonus Downloads
Music & Sing A Longs

Lil' Iguana's Educational Resources

for home and classroom use

Kid-Friendly Recipes

fun, guided recipe downloads

Lesson Guides

in-depth explanation of how to teach

Crafts & Activities

interactive guided crafts

Coloring Sheets

lesson reinforcing scenes

Guided Journals

follow the prompts to reinforce

Write a Story

connect the lesson to your routine

Lesson Posters

hang posters as a colorful reminder

Lesson Activities

guided activities to reinforce

Educational Music

fun for home or classroom use

Extra Downloads

bonus & holiday content

Praise for Lil' Iguana!

With almost 30 years of tested & proven effective programming, the Lil’ Iguana’s Children’s Safety Foundation has received countless testimonials and stories of praise.

The Lil’ Iguana Run, Yell, and Tell Campaign is helping to ensure that children will be safe from predators.

Judd Gregg

Former U.S. Senator

My three year old son was molested by a child care provider. Because of the Lil’ Iguana program, he was brave enough to come forward even after being threatened.

Jane Doe


Many programs attempt to teach young children about safety. Lil’ Iguana’s unique approach not only succeeds at it, but enables them to retain the lessons for years afterward.

Dr. Lisa Fiore

Director, Early Childhood Program Lesley University

Because of the Lil’ Iguana program our daughter is still with us today, and although our story has a happy ending we also understand that we could have lost our youngest child.

Bonnie S.


Have Any Questions?


Still have questions?

Safety Up! with Lil’ Iguana is an online resource library for parents, educators, police officers, and community members to find, view, and download safety and well-being educational resources for children ages 2-10.  Members can find over 20 lessons ranging from Get Permission & Who’s a Stranger, to I Wash My Hands & Buckle-Up.  See a full list of lessons here.  

Follow character Lil’ Iguana and his diverse friends as they navigate through their daily lives of learning, playing, acceptance, problem solving, and decision making.  Along the way, the friends learn important safety and well-being lessons from the grown-ups in their community as well as the Wisdom Keepers.  

The Lil’ Iguana’s Children’s Safety Foundation (LICSF) is the leader in proactive safety-education for children.  Since 1994, LICSF has taught lessons like Get Permission, Who’s a Stranger, Harm Alarm, & Buckle Up through music-based prevention programs to save kids from abduction, abuse, child predators, and serious accidental injuries while instilling self-worth, respect, and manners.  Lil’ Iguana’s programs are presented in elementary schools, child care facilities, and community events throughout the United States, and virtually around the world.

Educators, Community Members, Police Officers, Religious Leaders, and Parents should sign up to download safety & well-being educational resources for children ages 2-10.  

A Personal Use License is included for Digital Members ($29/month) and is intended for a single household or classroom. 

Safety Up! with Lil’ Iguana has resources are geared for children ages 2-10 and feature safety and well-being lessons and themes.  Members can find, view, and download activities, worksheets, guided journals, and more from over 20 safety and well-being lessons.  See full list of features here. See a full list of lessons here.    

Users can view free resources available for download here. 

Digital Members (just $29/month) can download Lesson Guides, Lesson Plans, Coloring Sheets, Kid-Friendly Recipes, Craft Guides, Digital Posters, Bonus Downloads, Write a Story Worksheets, Lesson Activity Worksheets, and Guided Journals for personal use.

Remember, your Membership supports the Lil’ Iguana’s Children’s Safety Foundation (TAX ID 02-0516967).  Thank you for your support!

Do you want more access to exclusive safety & well-being education content?  It’s super easy to upgrade right in your account dashboard!

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