5-Day Challenge JAN 8-JAN 12

Supporting YOU on the Journey of

Raising Safe Kids


Have you ever thought...

..... Don't worry, you are not alone

You Have what it takes. Let's do this together!

By the end of the FREE 5-Day Challenge, you'll walk away with...

Positive Mindset

A positive mindset to help you tackle your plan with confidence

Action Plan

A clear, achievable plan that can be put into action

Teaching Strategies

Teaching strategies for varying learning levels


The motivation to get started AND keep going


The chance to win some great prizes!

LEARN FROM THE Experts at Lil' Iguana

Since 1994, Lil' Iguana has helped thousands of people just like you!

but don't take our word for it

Lil’ Iguana has developed award-winning programs, products, courses, and memberships that have been used by millions of people in seven countries. With countless testimonials and success stories, you can feel confident knowing you will have access to experts and resources that actually work and leave a lasting impact! 

My three year old son was molested by a child care provider. Because of the Lil’ Iguana program, he was brave enough to come forward even after being threatened.

Jane Doe


Many programs attempt to teach young children about safety. Lil’ Iguana’s unique approach not only succeeds at it, but enables them to retain the lessons for years afterward.

Dr. Lisa Fiore

Director, Early Childhood Program Lesley University

Because of the Lil’ Iguana program our daughter is still with us today, and although our story has a happy ending we also understand that we could have lost our youngest child.

Bonnie S.


I was impressed with how sensitive topics were delivered to the children in a manner that was fun & they could understand. 

Officer Daniel Deveau

Uxbridge Police Department

The program was engaging and the lessons and messages are important to kids. We enjoyed the catchy safety tunes!

Justin Bentley

Principal, Elementary School

Lil’ Iguana is very beneficial to our families and we have seen dramatic changes in behavior and safety in the clients we serve throughout the years.

Elizabeth Moussoba

Family Worker, Head Start

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