Out & About: Music CD


Lil’ Iguana music CD’s are great to listen to as a daily reminder to keep your children safe from harm. With upbeat tempos, and informative lyrics, the music CDs will keep your child entertained while educating them about important safety topics.

This CD includes songs “Put on Your Safety Gear,” “Buckle-Up Your Seatbelt,” “Stop and Then Look Out,” “Train Song,” and “Out and About.” They focus on what to wear when riding on a bike or skateboard, the importance of wearing a seatbelt and not distracting the driver, how to cross the street, safety rules for railroad tracks and crossings, and knowing your surroundings and how to react to certain situations.


Out & About – Track List

  1. Lil’ Iguana Theme Song
  2. Put On Your Safety Gear
  3. Buckle-Up Click Click
  4. Stop and Then Look Out
  5. Train Safety
  6. Out and About


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