Join Lil’ Iguana and his friends as they gear up for an exciting day at the skatepark. From savoring a delicious breakfast to embarking on thrilling adventures, the gang is ready for fun in the sun. But when Jags can’t find her helmet, Lil’ Iguana suggests seeking advice from a wise source – the Wisdom Keeper. With valuable lessons about safety, responsibility, and the importance of asking for help, this episode teaches kids the significance of wearing safety gear and listening to their instincts. 

Tune in as Lil’ Iguana and his friends navigate challenges, learn from their mistakes, and support each other through thick and thin. With humor, heart, and empowering messages, this episode inspires kids to prioritize safety and look out for one another. Join Lil’ Iguana and his pals on their journey to the skatepark, where they discover that true friendship means always having each other’s backs.

Themes Discussed in This Episode:

  • Wear the Gear: Wear your Helmet and the Safety Gear that Protects You
  • Get Permission Always get a “yes” Remember, EYEBALLS, ASK, YES!

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