Join Lil’ Iguana and his family in an exciting new adventure as they explore the wonders of gardening and self-discovery. Lil’ Iguana’s backyard becomes a playground of growth and learning as he nurtures his very own garden, planting seeds of kindness and curiosity along the way. With the talent show fast approaching, Lil’ Iguana struggles with finding his special skill. But with the gentle guidance of Momma Iguana and the support of his friends, Lil’ Iguana learns that talent comes in many forms. From planting flowers to harvesting tomatoes, join Lil’ Iguana on a journey of discovery, friendship, and the power of nurturing the world around us. Tune in to Lil’ Iguana’s latest episode and get ready to be inspired by the magic of growth and self-realization.

Themes Discussed in This Episode:

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