Lil' Iguana's In-Classroom Program

Recommended for:

  • Child Care Facilities
  • Pre-schools
  • Head Start Programs
  • Home-Schooled Groups

Lil’ Iguana’s in-classroom programs feature the costume character Lil’ Iguana, an instructor, and video aids. This program encourages children to participate in questions and answer sessions, singing and dancing, and interactive role playing. The children are encouraged to ask questions and participate in the program. This interaction allows the program to deliver the safety educational content in a personal, and non-threatening manner. The smaller setting allows for children to be more comfortable asking the tough safety questions and getting the important answers they need. This prevention program educates children in a fun, kid-friendly way while instilling self-worth, respect, and manners.

This program covers the following topics:

Get Permission

Eyeballs, Ask, YES!

Harm Alarm

What's that Funny Feeling?

Take a Buddy

Safe in Numbers, than by Yourself

Who's a Stranger

Never go without Permission

Run, Run, Run, Yell & Tell

If you don't have permission to go

Self Worth & Respect

Knowing yourself & being a good friend