Lil’ Iguana’s Safety Up! community is all about raising safe & healthy kids. It’s a supportive community of educators, parents, and community members who strive to raise all children with the tools they need to lead a safe, happy, and healthy childhood. We hope you can connect with other parents and educators on the journey to keep our kids safe and emotionally & physically healthy.

How to Stay Motivated

Unleashing Your Inner Drive 10 Powerful Strategies to Stay Motivated and Achieve Success Share on facebook Facebook Share on pinterest Pinterest Share on twitter Twitter

Ways to Help Planet Earth

How to Celebrate Earth Day Fun activities & printables for kids Share on facebook Facebook Share on pinterest Pinterest Share on twitter Twitter Share on

How to Celebrate April Fools’ Day

Happy April Fools' Day, kid! Today is full of silly pranks and funny jokes. Remember no one should get hurt or upset and enjoy the

How to Celebrate Easter

No matter how you celebrate Easter, it is important to spend quality time as a family with loved ones.

Understanding Spring Holidays

Easter is not the only holiday in Spring. Ramadan, Passover, and Holi are just some of other cultural holidays you can learn about and teach

Teaching Safety to a Child with Autism​

Teaching is children safety can be tough, but can be even more challenging with autistic kids. Lil' Iguana teaches through music which is a great

Spring Activities for Kids

Spring is in the area. Fill your time with your little ones with these fun and activity springtime ideas.

How to Teach a Child

Lil' Iguana helps teach children learn challenging lessons that requires creativity, patience, and a deep understanding of child development.

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day: Activities and Ideas!

Celebrate the spirit of St. Patrick's day is filled with clover, charms, and green. Enjoy the holiday with your littles ones with these fun ideas.
random acts of kindess days and ways to celebrate

Random Act of Kindness Day

There are lots of fun and meaningful ways to observe and celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day with your little ones.

Superbowl Activities for Kids

Get your little ones excited with these Superbowl Sunday activity ideas during your football party.

Celebrate Groundhog Day for Kids

Get some ideas on how to celebrate Groundhog Day with your kids like a watch party, sunshine craft, or having fun with 10+ free printable

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with your Kids

Get some ideas on how to celebrate Valentine's Day with your kids including 20+ printable worksheets
teaching children through music

How Teaching Children Through Music Enhances Development

Teaching children through music can enhance their development through learning retention, language improvement, and overall cognitive improvements.

Celebrate National Popcorn Day

There are so many fun and creative ways to celebrate national popcorn day with your little ones. Follow instructions on how to make chocolate covered

Teaching Mindfulness: Calm Down Corner

Create a "calm down corner" at home or in the classroom where children can go to relax, de-stress, and practice mindfulness.

Teaching New Year’s Resolutions

Teaching New Year's Resolutions to Kids: setting goals and achieving them

Lil’ Iguana’s Leaf Spikes Activity

Lil’ Iguana’s Leaf Spikes Activity The colors are changing in trees all around New England. Before you throw away those leaves, Lil’ Iguana has a
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