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Meet & Greet Appearances

Lil' Iguana can send you a personalized picture or video message virtually. In person, Lil’ Iguana’s Meet & Greet appearances feature the mascot Lil’ Iguana and a handler. During the appearance, Lil’ Iguana will be available for pictures, high fives, hugs, autographs, etc. Lil’ Iguana and his handler will also be distributing safety-educational handouts including safety lesson sheets, stickers, temporary tattoos, etc.

Recommended for:

Virtual Appearance or Video Message

Invite Lil' Iguana to stop by your special occasion! Lil' Iguana loves to see his fans in person or virtually. For your special occasion, Lil' Iguana can send a personalized letter, video message, or photo message. He can even virtually drop by your event.

In-Person Meet & Greet Appearance

Lil’ Iguana can drop by your next event for a quick appearance or all-day presence. Book Lil’ Iguana for your corporate party, parade, expo, private event, and more.

Send a Letter

Send a letter, a drawing, or a picture of you with Lil' Iguana or your plush. You might just get a response!

Lil' Iguana's Children's Safety Foundation
ATTN: Lil' Iguana
P.O. Box 386
Nashua, NH 03061

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