It's easy to be kind™

Together, we can make a difference, one act of kindness at a time!

"It's Easy to Be Kind™" Wristband

Wear Kindness Proudly

Get your very own “It’s Easy to Be Kind™” wristband—a daily reminder to treat others with kindness and empathy. Wear it proudly and spread positivity wherever you go!

 Wear your kindness on your wrist and inspire others to join the movement.

Join us in making the world a better place—one kind act at a time.

"It's easy to be kind™" Day

August 11, 2024

This special event invites individuals, groups, and schools to spread kindness and compassion by submitting videos of themselves performing random acts of kindness and singing Lil’ Iguana’s uplifting new release, "It's Easy to Be Kind.™"

We kick off the submission process on August 11th!

Stream It's easy to be kind™

Stream “It’s Easy to Be Kind™” on your favorite platform. This uplifting song inspires kindness and empathy, promoting positivity and compassion.

Then, share ways you are kind

Submit your story, video, or photo

Inspire, Connect, and Spread Joy

Join us in spreading positivity and compassion by sharing your stories and videos of performing random acts of kindness or singing our song “It’s Easy to be Kind™.”

Let’s create a ripple effect of kindness across communities!

Upload your content to your favorite platform and share the link in the form below or upload your video to be part of the movement. We’ll showcase our favorites on social media and feature them in our official music video.

follow Lil' Iguana on social media to see when your submission is featured!

Get your FREE kindness workbook filled with inspiring activities and prompts to encourage acts of kindness.

Start your journey of spreading joy and positivity today!

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