Join Lil’ Iguana as he navigates the complexities of online friendships and learns to trust his instincts. When Lil’ Iguana connects with his pals Arturo and Jags online, everything seems fun and lighthearted – until a new friend named Benny enters the picture. As Lil’ Iguana interacts with Benny, he’s faced with uncomfortable requests and pressured to keep secrets. Wrestling with conflicting emotions, Lil’ Iguana struggles with the importance of online safety and the value of honesty. 

With guidance from his parents and the courage to speak up, Lil’ Iguana confronts his fears and learns a valuable lesson about listening to his “Harm Alarm.” Through this engaging narrative, children will discover the significance of open communication, setting boundaries, and seeking help when faced with challenging situations online. Tune in to Lil’ Iguana’s journey as he explores the ups and downs of digital friendships and discovers the power of trusting his instincts.

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