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Be Smart, Stay Safe Music and DVD Kit bundle

Be Smart, Stay Safe Music and DVD Kit bundle

This money-saving bundle kit includes:

  • The award winning, 22-minute “Be Smart, Stay Safe” DVD. The DVD features music, character puppets, actors, and animation that deliver crucial safety messages including “Take A Buddy with You,” “Get Permission,” “Who is a Stranger,” and “Run, Run, Run, Yell, and Tell.”
  • Three (3) educational music CDs. CDs include songs related to the themes of “Out and About,” “Who is a Stranger,” and “Playing It Safe.”
  • A Guide for Grown-Ups on how to talk to kids about staying safe.
Price: $24.95
Teachers Safety Kit

Teacher’s Safety Kit

Designed for educators, caregivers, and parents, this complete program provides valuable safety lessons on a wide variety of topics including “Who is a Stranger,” “Harm Alarm,” “Take a Buddy with You,” “Street Smarts,” and “Run, Run, Run, Yell, and Tell.” The kit includes an oversized (12in. X 17in.), full-color storybook including 6 stories, a 56-page activity book, as well as a 23-page instructor’s guide, which offers lesson plans, discussion materials, and role-playing suggestions. Children will be so entertained by the vibrant storybook and exciting activities they will not even realize they are learning!

Price: $49.95
Lil' Iguana T-Shirt

Lil’ Iguana T-Shirt

Be part of the club and become a Lil’ Iguana Kid with a Lil’ Iguana t-shirt! These high- quality, machine washable, screen-printed t-shirts are fun and attractive kids wear. Each t-shirt contains a pocket emblem on the front and a full-sized logo on the back.

Price: $13.95
Feelings Calendar

Feelings Calendar

Designed for parents, caregivers, and educators alike, this calendar encourages children to identify their feelings and communicate about them openly and honestly. Children are able to express their emotions by choosing one of nine stamps that describe the way they are feeling that day. Stamps include “Sad,” “Happy,” “Nervous,” “Silly,” “Afraid,” and more. This product helps to start conversations over feelings and emotions that might make children uncomfortable to start talking about themselves. The kit contains a calendar booklet, nine rubber stamps, and an inkpad.

Price: $29.95
Lil' Iguana Plush

Lil’ Iguana Plush

This Lil’ Iguana plush is an adorable friend for children to have, and a cuddly reminder for children to stay safe, happy, and remember what Lil’ Iguana would do in situations. This plush is safe for all ages and is loved by everyone.

Price: $6.95
Lil' Iguana Wristbands

Lil’ Iguana Wristbands

Lil’ Iguana’s “Run, Run, Run, Yell, and Tell” wristband acts as a continuous reminder for children on how to avoid child predators. This tri-colored, heavy duty, silicone band has the words “Run,” “Yell,” and “Tell,” embossed into it. The band comes with a bi-lingual educational card for children and parents to review on what actions to take it approached by someone the child does not have permission to go with. This wristband is a great fundraiser for schools, safety and health organizations.

Price: $2.00
Run, Run, Run, Yell and Tell Poster

Run, Run, Run, Yell and Tell Poster

This colorful poster reinforces the Run, Yell, and Tell message and is a great reminder for children, parents, caregivers, and educators alike. Children can follow the three easy steps to keep them safe from abduction attempts.

Price: $4.95
Lil' Iguana Hand Puppet

Lil’ Iguana Hand Puppet

The Lil’ Iguana hand puppet is approximately 11 inches tall made of soft felt so it is safe for young children and is great for telling Lil’ Iguana stories.

Price: $10.95

Music CD’s

Lil’ Iguana music CD’s are great to listen to as a daily reminder to keep your children safe from harm. With upbeat tempos, and informative lyrics, the music CDs will keep your child entertained while educating them about important safety topics.

“Who’s a Stranger?”

This CD includes songs “Get Permission,” “The Harm Alarm,” “Take a Buddy with You,” “Who is a Stranger,” and “Run, Run, Run, Yell, and Tell.” They focus on the importance of understanding your safety instincts, using the buddy system, identifying who is a stranger, and what to do if approached by a child predator.

Price: $6.95

“Out and About”

This CD includes songs “Put on Your Safety Gear,” “Buckle-Up Your Seatbelt,” “Stop and Then Look Out,” “Train Song,” and “Out and About.” They focus on what to wear when riding on a bike or skateboard, the importance of wearing a seatbelt and not distracting the driver, how to cross the street, safety rules for railroad tracks and crossings, and knowing your surroundings and how to react to certain situations.

Price: $6.95

“Playing it Safe”

This CD includes songs “Good Friend,” “When You’re Alone,” “I’m Lost,” “I Want To Be Like Me,” and “Talk About It.” The songs emphasize the importance of knowing how to be a good friend to others, how to stay safe when you are alone, what to do if you get lost, being yourself and not giving into peer pressure, and knowing how to trust people and talk to adults.

Price: $6.95