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Safety & Well-Being Products

Lil’ Iguana’s educational products are resources designed for children ages 2-10 for classroom, community, & home use. These products consistently reinforce Lil’ Iguana’s crucial safety & well-being lessons.

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Safety UP! with Lil’ Iguana provides hundreds of safety & well-being resources and digital downloads for parents, educators, & community members.  Members can download lesson guides, activity worksheets, kid-friendly recipes, & more!

Kid-Friendly Recipes

fun, guided recipe downloads

Lesson Guides

in-depth explanation of how to teach

Crafts & Activities

interactive guided crafts

Coloring Sheets

lesson reinforcing scenes

Guided Journals

follow the prompts to reinforce

Write a Story

connect the lesson to your routine

Lesson Posters

hang posters as a colorful reminder

Lesson Activities

guided activities to reinforce

Activity Boxes

fun for home or classroom use

Extra Downloads

bonus & holiday content

Award-Winning Products

Safety & Well-Being Focused

Lil’ Iguana’s products promote fun and interactive learning.  Since 1994, the LICSF has developed and tested countless products to teach safety & well-being messages in an exciting way that captivate children and help them remember for the rest of their lives.   

Customer Testimonials

Many programs attempt to teach young children about safety. Lil’ Iguana’s unique approach not only succeeds at it, but enables them to retain the lessons for years afterward.
Dr. Lisa Fiore
Lesley University

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Lil’ Iguana is the most innovative program I have seen in my 23 year career in law enforcement. It’s fun and it works!”
Paul Goyette
Lowell Police
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