Lil' Iguana LIVE!

Recommended for:

  • Elementary Schools (Pre-K through 2nd Grade)
  • Community Events
  • Safety and Educational Events
  • Health and Fitness Fairs

Lil’ Iguana Live! is a 45-minute music driven, live, interactive stage show featuring the costume character Lil’ Iguana and live performers. It reinforces crucial safety messages through themed songs, skits, and demonstrations. Children are engaged throughout the show and are encouraged to participate by answering questions directed towards the audience. Some audience members are selected to participate on stage and become mentors for their peers. This prevention program educates children in a fun, kid-friendly way while instilling self-worth, respect, and manners.

Some safety topics covered in Lil’ Iguana Live! include:

Buckle-Up Your Seatbelt

& Distracting the Driver

Get Permission

Eyeballs, Ask, YES!

Harm Alarm

What's that Funny Feeling?

Stop & Then Look Out

Street Smarts & Playing It Safe

Take a Buddy

Safe in Numbers, than by Yourself

Who's a Stranger

Never go without Permission

Run, Run, Run, Yell & Tell

If you don't have permission to go

Self Worth & Respect

Knowing yourself & being a good friend