Gardening Hanging Sign Craft

  1. Take the supplies out of the bag and recycle the bag.
  2. Punch out the foam pieces from the foam block.
  3. Flip over the yellow pot so the words are facing down.
  4. Remove the sticky backings from the white piece and stick onto the top of the yellow pot.
  5. Flip the pot over so the words are facing up.
  6. Peel and stick the green pieces onto the white piece above the pot.
  7. Thread the string through the foam gardening tools.
  8. Then thread the string through the holes at the bottom of the pot and make a knot.  Each hole should have one tool tied to it.
  9. Thread the string through the top of the white piece and make a knot to create a hanging loop. 
  10. Peel and stick the silver metallic stickers to the bottom of the tools.  Match the sticker shapes to the foam tools.
  11. Peel and stick the small red pieces on top of the metallic stickers as shown in the picture. 
  12. Hang your sign in your favorite space!
Before After

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